Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Veggie Patty Wraps

So Melissa is busy this time around has requested for my not so professional assistance for her blog.
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, My name is Darren Cheah. I am 21 this year, a student in University of Toronto and I will have guest appearances on this blog every now and then whenever Melissa is busy.

So this time around we are going vegetarian. Shout out to all you beautiful people out there this one is for you and ofc those who just enjoy vegetarian food. (Hey, it's healthy so why not.)
and I swear on my family name. This recipe is super easy to make and is perfect for those lazy days where you just sleep in and forget you have to cook.

So here's what you need for a beautiful simple meal of veggie patty wraps:

Veggie burgers
Reduced fat feta cheese
Sweet chilli sauce

1. Firstly, pan fry the veggie patties according to the directions on packaging
So, this time around we just used some very simple premade  patties which you can probably pick up from any grocery store nearby.

We heat the pan and spray it with canola oil before putting the patties on. You can just heat it up using normal cooking oil from the bottles but the spray just makes it a whole lot easier to spread evenly across the pan.

Then cook your beautiful little patties till they have a nice little bit of color on both sides (brown both sides of the patty). I personally enjoy the difference in texture this creates on the patties.

And finally it should look a little something like this when it's done. Ain't that a beauty.

2. We're going to need to Julienne apples.

Just in case you don't know what julienne means just thinly slice the apples into small bite-sized slices.

3. Then we slice ½ an avocado
Of course, cut it in half and remove the seed.
Then slice the avocado into thin slices like the apples

4. Now that all of the ingredients are prepared, VEGGIE PATTY WRAP ASSEMBLEEEEE.
voila the fruit of our loins from all that prep work
Place onto a wrap of your choice and tadah we have a beautiful healthy veggie patty wrap.

P.S. : Just in case you were wondering, "WHERE DID THE CHEESE GO?" Yeahhhh. um. We forgot to get some. AYY LMAO.  but yeah so for the lactose intolerant this ones for you <3 but for those who really want cheese, just include in the step where you assemble the wrap. Same goes for the chilli sauce.

Have fun and enjoy the deliciously simple easy to make recipe everyone and I'll see you all next time :3

- Darren

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